Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I Can Truly Say I’m Blessed

You know what? Tonight was KISH Homes Christmas Party and I can truly say I’m blessed. I have a newfound love for making it in life; I never thought I’d be able to, to be honest. But having Mrs. Kishma and all of my positive support system with me, I know I can. Mrs. Kishma and these women of all ages have blessed me with the confidence that I can do this and I will make it. I have been extremely discouraged about my financial stability lately and Mrs. Kishma never stops motivating me to push forward. These ladies have made me realize there are good people out there…. At the beginning of the night, I truly thought that having a home was the best Christmas present ever, now I know I lied. The best Christmas present I’ve been given is God’s grace. I have messed up a lot this year, whether it be out of pure spite or of pure desperation, but God never forsake me. He took my sins and forgave them because His plan for me is so much more. God, I thank you, You are Almighty, You are my Savior, You are Gracious, I love you.